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Fit Experience 1

This fit is a basic fitting done on your bike while it is on the trainer.  It is designed to answer quick questions in fitting for the Rider's own bike.  Measurements are taken using our BodyScan system and fit measurements are generated by the computer.  The bike is then set up to those measurements.  $100 based on up to 1 hour of fitting time.  Additonal fees apply for labor and parts as needed.  This fit is complimentary with the purchase of any road bike at Gus'

Fit Experience 2

This is a detailed fitting for a Rider wanting to find the best position on their own bike.  You'll start with a conversation to discuss the items you wish to cover during the session and share your background and goals with the fitter. There will be focused attention to body measurements including, Range of Motion, Flexibility and how they relate to your riding goals.  We'll start the Size Cycle session by setting it to your current riding position.  This assists us with seeing how you interact with your bike in your current position.  We can then suggest changes to improve your riding experience.

At the end of the Size Cycle session we will suggest and discuss changes with you.  The goal is to replicate your new position onto your current bike.  Please note, this is not always possible. If limitations arise we can discuss the effects of what would need to be compromised.  

Allow 2 hours for this session

The fee for Fit Experience 2 is $200 and includes all of the above plus:

  • Set up of one bike to new position (parts and installation fees apply)
  • Reasonable follow up to work with you to monitor adjustments 
  • $100 of this fee may be used towards a new bicycle purchased here at Gus' 

If you would like to discuss new bike options that will fit you, due to the limitations of your existing bike it is an additional $50 consulting fee.  This and $100 from your fitting may be deducted from the cost of a new bike at the time you place the order.

Fit Experience 3

This is a fitting designed for a client who intends to purchase a new bike.  This includes all of the items in Fit Experience 2 plus looking at new bike options.  During your interview and time on the Size Cycle we are collecting data about what is important to your riding goals.  We will discuss frame materials and components to ensure that you get the best bike for you and your goals and stay within your budget.  

We can use the information to look at stock options. We can also explore the benefits of having a bike designed and built to your dimensions. Complete, hand made bikes start at $3,500 and of course can go as far as your imagination can take you.  

Allow three hours for this session.

The fee for Fit Experience 3 is $300 and includes:

Set up of your existing bike as close as possible to your Size Cycle position.  Parts and installation fees apply

Reasonable follow up to monitor adjustments

$150 of this fee may be used towards a new bike purchased at Gus' Bike Shop.

Call 603-964-5445 to set up your fit appointment.  We look forward to making you more comfortable on your bike.