Meet the Shop dog

Sprocket is our shop dog and greeter here at Gus' Bike Shop. He'll come bounding around the corner to meet you and with a few snifs you'll have a new friend. Sometimes he's hanging outside on his run, but his favorite activity is snoozing.  

We hounded Sprocket until he consented to an interview: 

Thanks for visiting with us between naps Sprocket.  

        "You're welcome it was the leashed I could do"

Looks like your favorite activities are napping and greeting customers?  


          "Yap, I agree"

What's your favorite song?

         "Who let the dogs out"  

Have you thought about riding a bike?

        "It's simply not pawsibil to ride but I do like to run with the mountain bikes"

Any final thoughts?

          It's a ruff life!