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Gus' Century Club


Ready to take on the challenge of doing a 100 mile ride or "century" but don't know how to get started or need help putting together a training plan? Join Gus' Century Club.  We start up the "club" each summer in July to prepare for fall centuries and events such as the Seacoast Century or the Krempels Challenge. 

Typically there will be a meeting to go over the training plan, training tips and to answer questions.  Then each week we'll get together for the longest training ride on the week's training schedule. We'll start out with moderate rides and build up our riding distance over time. We'll also have a session 2-3 weeks out from our chgosen century discuss preparation for the big day.  

Our Schedule is typically:

Rides are on Sunday mornings starting mid July.   Start is usually 8 AM at first, but will be earlier as we increase our distance.  Check Gus' Facebook page for updates about these rides during the season. Typically we will post them as "Events" there. 


Fly the team colors and ride in a Gus'  or Gus' Gals Jersey - order yours during our first meeting and it will be here in time for the ride. 

If you have questions, please call the shop,  603-964-5445