What women are saying about Gus'

By Carol:

Three years ago this shop was bought by a family. While it’s really the parents that "own” the shop, it’s the whole family — the parents and their two sons. They made huge improvements. The energy has changed. And there’s always something afoot in there, in addition to the new shop dog, Sprocket. I recently stopped in at another local bike shop looking for something specific. Within five minutes it became apparent to me that the store was for men only and I was just an anomoly to them. It made me realize how incredibly comfortable things are at Gus’ and how lucky I am to be able to go there. And did I mention the ladies ride on Thursday nights? No drop, no pressure, and no pace is too fast…

By Erin:

Gus’ rocks! Gus’ makes everyone feel welcome whether you’re upgrading to a carbon frame or buying your first bike. They have opened the door to women riders on the Seacoast with this approach. Gus’ gets you on a bike and then works hard to make sure you’re comfortable and happy, getting the most out of your riding experience. I never did a group ride before Gus’ because other shop rides tend to be male dominated – which is intimidating. Gus’ ladies only ride is the perfect solution! Gus’ is creating a community of women passionate about riding!

By Kate:

I would like to nominate Gus’ Bike Shop in North Hampton, NH as the best women’s bike shop! You are always greeted with a friendly face when you visit the shop. They have events and activities for both beginner and advanced cyclists, and everything in between. My favorite is the Ladies Shop Rides – an open-to-all-women ride that stretches along the Seacoast of NH. The comraderie, support and inspiration is amazing! Also, if Gus’ doesn’t have what you need – they will find it for you! They never hesitate to order something new to suit the needs of their customers – it's fantastic. And my favorite part? Well, they made me a cyclist. I had not been on a bike since I was 10. They got me on a bike, taught me how to ride, gave me courage and instruction, and one year later I won my age group in a Duathlon! I am a cyclist now forever! Thank you Gus’ for being the best bike shop ever!

By Sandy:

From the first time I walked into Gus’ Bike Shop I felt like part of the family! I was new to the cycling world and didn’t know much about riding. They helped explain to me the difference between the men's and women's bikes. I bought my first women's road bike at the shop. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. The other great thing that Gus’ has is a women's shop ride. It was voted one of the top 50 shop rides in America! I feel very lucky to be part of the Gus' family. With all different levels of women, there is a spot for everyone on this ride.