Tim Metzger

Tim Metzger has been to Gus' for the past 14 years as a customer, and due persistent hanging around, is a mechanic, sales rep, and IT specialist.  He just won't go away. Originally from the farmlands of central NY, Tim grew up riding and repairing BMX bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and unicycles.  Yes, unicycles, he has the embarrassing photos to prove it.  Tim lives by the motto that the correct number of bikes is what you own plus one and has gone to great lengths to prove this since coming to Gus'.  He was one of the original founders of the Gus / RaleighCyclocross team and still enjoys CX season for it's camaraderie, mud, costumes, and beverages, and has gone as far as a quick weekend drive to Louisville Kentucky to watch racing.  Tim is never one to shy away from a new challenge,  usually the harder the event the more desirable, such as the Mt. Washington Hillclimb or the Tour of the Battenkill.

Tim's favorite bike is dependent on the season but is usually the next in line to add to the quiver.  However, he can always be seen smiling when riding his 2014 Raleigh RXC Pro Disc CX bike. Tim's favorite ride is probably the loop out to Parket Catamount, or any ride up into Maine. After riding the busy flat roads of the seacoast, who wouldn't want to get away from it all on a quiet back road while punishing yourself on a steep climb.  Add a little polka music and the experience is complete.