Robin Tackles the National EMS Memorial Ride

To the wonderful crew at Gus' Bike Shop,

This spring I bought my Felt ZW-30. It has been fantastic!!! to say the very least. I trained on it for the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride starting in NYC and finishing 7 days later in Roanoke VA. With 140 or so bikers making the trip with me, I have to tell you, I had no - absolutely NO- issues with my bike on the trip. That's a LOT of miles. They weren't hard fast miles like in racing but they were in the rain, sun & heat. We started as early as 6:30 AM and finished at 7:30 PM some nights. There was the trip down "Broadway", past Ground Zero then on to the flat lands of Delaware, and the "hills" of the Skyline Drive in VA. But whichever, my Felt is the best gift I have ever given myself! Numerous other riders cannot make this claim. There was a line every night at the repair trailer and several repairs enroute each day. But my Felt was not one of them.


Thank you to all at Gus' Bike Shop for the help in selection, the help in fitting, and the lessons in maintenance. Seriously, everyone at Gus' has been wonderful. The help in service, the products I've purchased, everything has been so easy. This is a great way to start my next lifelong hobby. TGFGF - Thank God for Gus' & Felt!

 As for the ride, the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride honors fallen Emergency Medical Personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty. I rode with "Mac" Attebury's dogtags around my neck the whole way. He was lost while transporting a patient in his helicopter. The helicopter went down due to bad weather. "Mac" was one of 91 EMS providers inducted into the National EMS Memorial this year.

Robin Weeks

Made it to Roanoke! May 22, 2209

 ps, I've attached couple of pics, both in NYC. One near the start of the ride, the other crossing the bridge leaving NYC. Notice no cars? We had a full police escort that whole day in NYC. Not a single red light stopped us! How cool is that?