Love of the Bike

Love of the Bike

A Poem

By: Chris Sieve


I love my bike, my bike is true

My bike's the friend I never knew

Could skate and ski and climb and surf

our bumpy, skippy earthy turf

it gets me by upon the earth

It get's me round, it get's me through

the bangs and bruises, takes me to

the highest highs, the lowest lows

It helps me exercise my toes

From my bike I see the world

two circles whizzing 'round unfurl

the drama, trauma and the scenes

of life in motion, fast and green

all fresh and happy, then a FLAT

oh my, what can I do with that?

Get GUS, they have the man to do

the fixing of your bike, it's true

The flats and breaks, they'll fix them right

and off we'll be again in flight

to ride our bikes up to the tide

and back again, both far and wide.

You see a lot upon your bike

it's so much quicker than a hike

less sweaty, dirty, muss and fuss

Get on your bike and then GET GUS

There's nothing better, it is true

than riding bikes admist the dew

and grass and sunshine and the few

unsunny, cloudy days we view

We will ride them to and fro

Bikes take us where we want to go

So we must make them go more slow

to see the world and catch the glow!