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Gus' Gals

Gus' Gals is the name affectionately chosen by the women who meet weekly here at Gus' during the season to ride as a group.  After their ride was chosen as one of the "Top 50 Shop Rides in America" by Bicycling Magazine the girls decided to get their very own kit designed to ride in.  You'll now likely spot their bright pink jerseys along the Seacoast every Thursday night during the cycling season. Perhaps it's best to let one of their members describe the scene here at Gus' for you:

Gus’ has been a purple institution (literally, purple) on the New Hampshire seacoast for many years, but only recently has the shop has been transformed into the community cycling epicenter. This change has occurred thanks to the Latimer family who purchased the store several years ago and have single-handedly recruited more women into cycling than I think even they could have imagined. Although the shop is known for its striking women’s cycling fashions, the slick women-specific bikes and the always friendly and helpful advice, it’s the palpable feel of family and community that attracts women who quickly become loyal customers. Before you even get out of your car, you are enthusiastically greeted by the couple’s teenage sons (and dog!). Outside the shop, local cyclists relax in chairs under big umbrellas and wave hi as you walk by like you’ve known each other for years. Inside, the crew gives you a big hello and asks you about your family. Where else do you get this type of welcome?"

"Let’s not forget about their weekly women-only group ride affectionately named Gus’ Gals and adorned in striking hot pink kits that turn heads up and down the coast. The ride is an award-winning, no-drop, all speeds, out-and-back along the gorgeous rocky NH coast."

"The shop also has other group rides each day of the week covering all aspects of cycling – from road racing to triathlons to centuries to cyclocross, they have something for everyone who likes bikes. The Latimer family has not only succeeded in turning this shop into a women-and family-friendly store, but they have created a cycling community of women (and men!) that never existed a mere 3 years ago."

Rides are Thursday evenings during the season. Meeting times are generally 6PM, but earlier in the Spring and Fall to account for fading daylight. For more information on the rides led by Gus' Gals, including the current meeting time, check out Gus' Ride and Race Guide.